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Monday, August 26, 2013

I Like Architect Craig Ellwood's Work....

Craig Ellwood ( is an architect whose California work I admire, at least from articles/photos I've seen. I have never personally experienced his buildings, but he was a disciple of Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe (, another one of my architectural mentors. Here is Craig Ellwood's design philosophy, which I greatly respect...

Craig Ellwood stated his architectural philosophy in the March 1976 issue of L.A. Architect:

"The essence of architecture is the interrelation and interaction of mass, space, plane and line. The purpose of architecture is to enrich the joy and drama of living. The spirit of architecture is its truthfulness to itself: its clarity and logic with respect to its materials and structure.
"Building comes of age when it expresses its epoch. The constant change in technology demands a continuously maturing expression of itself. When technology reaches its fulfillment in perfect equilibrium with function, there is a transcendence into architecture.
"The truth about truth is it is – waiting for us to discover it. The consciousness of truth is not static, but ever progressively unfolding. We must strive for intrinsic solution, not extrinsic effect. The moment form becomes arbitrary, it becomes novelty or style – it becomes something other than architecture. Materials and methods will certainly change, but the basic laws of nature make finally everything timeless.
"Architecture, by its own nature, must certainly be more than an expression of an idea. Art in architecture is not arbitrary stylism or ethereal symbolism, but rather the extent to which a building can transcend from the measurable into the immeasurable. The extent to which a building can evoke profound emotion. The extent to which a building can spiritually uplift and inspire man while simultaneously reflecting the logic or the technique which alone can convey its validity to exist."

House by Craig Ellwood
Farnsworth House by Mies Van Der Rohe

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