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Friday, February 11, 2011

Frank Lloyd Wright's Palmer House

As an admiring Frank Lloyd Wright fan, you might imagine how thrilled we were at staying 2 nights in the infamous Palmer House in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Yes, you can rent the house all to yourself! Just visit for reservations. The home is a spectacular composition of warm, red concrete floors, glass, wood & brick on a triangular module -- all seemlessly wedded to its lush site. "Of the hill, not on it" Mr. Wright exclaimed. Both site and house are enhanced by each other as a harmonious whole.

We loved the warm, golden early morning sun waking up the home. It's a peaceful, spiritual respite to renew your soul. It's also cozy and protective yet intimately connected to the ever-changing out-of-doors. The generous eaves shelter you snugly from the pattering of rain on the roof. What masterful harmony of respecting nature while elevating everyday human needs to a more profound level.

Wright reminds us that we are part of nature, not separate from it. This house allows your natural biological rhythms to re-calibrate. It encourages you to slow down enough to experience the numerous variety of plants and animals (even some occasional deer!). Leaving is always tough because you want to live like that the rest of yor life. It's definitely life-changing and worth the trip! I would love to design a house with this kind of integrity for a willing Client. The photos say everything! Enjoy them and hopefully you will experience the tranquility first-hand one day soon!

Note: All photography by Colin Edward Slais with permission of Owner for this blog only. Copies are strictly prohibited without express written consent of the Homeowner.