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The following are quotes I've been creating over years of reflection on experiences in life, architecture, politics, religion and culture. They emanate from within and continue to do so through plenty of reading, observing, listening, remembering -- thinking! I hope you visit periodically as more quotes are continually added upon life's journey, and I hope you are inspired to create your own quotes!

"Absolutely every living thing in nature looks a specific way for survival and growth. Architecture's purpose is to support, protect and grow the life inside it and out."  ~ Colin Edward Slais

"Design is problem-solving. It doesn't begin on the computer, but in the thoughtful understanding of needs between client, architect and nature."  ~ Colin Edward Slais

"Design is not just about how we currently live, but how we would like to live."  ~ Colin Edward Slais

"Most buildings today are still designed as mazes for us mice."  ~ Colin Edward Slais

"I never say or do anything that doesn't need saying or doing."  ~ Colin Edward Slais

"Your purpose in life is what you believe it to be."  ~ Colin Edward Slais

"You have to invest to see returns."  ~ Colin Edward Slais

"To lead a virtuous life, obey the rule of law and moral law"  ~ Colin Edward Slais

"Think. Collaborate. Plan. Implement. Achieve. No other method matters."  ~ Colin Edward Slais

"If talking isn’t followed by action, then talking is wasting time."  ~ Colin Edward Slais

"Too much talking about doing -- not enough doing about what we are talking." 
~ Colin Edward Slais

"We are not all equal, but we should all have equal rights and opportunities."  ~ Colin Edward Slais

"Politicians aren't necessarily the best and the brightest -- only the most popular at the time."
~ Colin Edward Slais

"Politics, religion and money are more dividing than uniting."  ~ Colin Edward Slais

"The current world is a direct result of past thoughts and actions, or lack thereof." 
~ Colin Edward Slais

"Orbiting space junk; radiation, oil and trash islands in the oceans; nuclear waste; landfills; litter everywhere.....humans are too neglectful."  ~ Colin Edward Slais

"Climate change; political instability; debts; aging or lack of infrastructure; disaster relief; energy, food & water demand; rising costs; healthcare needs; population increases......can we reboot?"
~ Colin Edward Slais

"Fans are to pop stars as congregations are to Pastors."  ~ Colin Edward Slais

"Pop culture is one of complete idol worship."  ~ Colin Edward Slais

"The root of world protests and the environmental crisis is the same -- mistreatment."
~ Colin Edward Slais

"Humanity must now wake up and choose a new path toward a more harmonious relationship with themselves and with Nature."  ~ Colin Edward Slais

"Seems as though this tumultuous time is a warning about the dangerous path humanity has chosen." ~ Colin Edward Slais

"Seems as if it's payback time for how humans have been treating each other and the Earth."
~ Colin Edward Slais

"Curious that the simultaneous economic and environmental problems reflect on each other."
~ Colin Edward Slais

"The insatiable stealing from our financial savings and rich environmental resources has left both in peril."  ~ Colin Edward Slais

"Just because you believe in something doesn't make it true."  ~ Colin Edward Slais

"Saving the environment and the economy are not separate needs, but completely interconnected."
~ Colin Edward Slais

"WARNING: Current financial systems simply cannot sustain overspending with rampant fraud, inefficiency & waste."  ~ Colin Edward Slais

"WARNING: Earth simply will not be able to sustain gluttonous human consumption along with shameful waste."  ~ Colin Edward Slais

"It's women's time to be world leaders. Look at where men have gotten us after all these centuries!"
~ Colin Edward Slais

"The concern for the future is not war, but the depletion of natural resources, then war."
~ Colin Edward Slais

"If we all felt more connected with Nature, perhaps we would treat her better." 
~ Colin Edward Slais



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