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Dental Office

Thursday, March 14, 2013

"Optimista" in Black & White

We named our home "Optimista", Spanish for "optimist" (no secret there!) because that is how we feel about the home, our lives and our future. It is full of color and life in relation to the desert in Springtime (click on the "Optimista Home Remodel" tab to view).
However, I also love the 1950's, and the black & white photos of a bygone era (I was born too late!). I guess because of my photography background (and lots of time in the dark room - back in the early 90's), I like black & white because of the focus on composition (and some nostalgia). So, in that spirit, here are black and white photos of our home for a different perspective. Somehow it does feel like another time. What do you think?

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