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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Importance of Planning

"The good life is planned like a good game of golf -- never perfect but able to recover" is a quote of mine that I live by daily. Whether it's space planning, financial planning, vacation or retirement, all of us need to plan for the future. Planning means preparing for what we WANT to happen, or what we think we can control. However, just as important, it means preparing for the unpredictable, or what we don't think we can control. It's comparable to insurance, I suppose. I've heard many people say that life is too unpredictable to plan, that "things just happen". This implies a philosophy that we are all on some roller coaster ride we didn't choose and that we are at the mercy of only one set of tracks as a mere passenger -- such is our lot in life!
However, if we CHOOSE to THINK differently, to change our perspective from passenger to driver, then PLANNING becomes a powerful tool for not only accomplishing goals, but VISUALIZING constructive options and opportunities for a better life -- our own set of tracks! Life may have some unpredictability, but planning is still the key to achieving goals and being better prepared for the unexpected. I've read that Arnold Schwarzenegger has had a "Master Plan' for his whole life and that he has achieved almost everything on it thus far.

So, despite some detours en route, keep moving forward according to plan. Just as with Master Planning large developments, we need to "see" the big picture, the end goal so that we can initiate the first smaller steps toward ultimate accomplishment!

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